Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?    

Physical Therapy is a special therapy that assists the patients physical recovery and reentry into community , home and work environment at the highest level of independence. Physical therapy includes special exercises given by the physical therapist, including posture reeducation and relaxation exercises. There is a fact that says that no two patients respond to the same kind of treatment. A Physical Therapist helps to rebuild the injured muscle and to strengthen and recover the range of motion in the injured area.

How does Physical Therapy help?
Physical therapy helps someone relieve pain, whether it is an injury, arthritis, or an illness. They also help by providing a different variety of exercises to help strengthen the injured area, and to improve its movement.

What to look for in a Physical Therapist

  • advanced degree in physical therapy
  • licensed by the state
  • what areas they specialize in
  • who they work with (athletes, children, ill, elderly etc.)