Physical Therapy

The Job of a Physical Therapist

Physical therapists have an important job of diagnosing and treating patients that have medical problems that limit their abilities to move around and perform everyday functions. During a visit to the physical therapist, treatment is started, and exercises are given to the patient to do at home on a regular daily basis. Also at a visit, the physical therapist measure the amount of pain you are in on a scale from 1-10. Not only do physical therapists work in private practices, they also work at other places such as nursing homes, sports facilities, home health agencies, public/private schools, academic institutions, hospices, PT programs and hospitals.

Physical therapists:
  • Measure the child's flexibility and strength
  • Observe the patients natural walk/run
  • identify the problem
  • consult with other medical, psychiatric, and school personnel about an individual plan
  • provide home exercises 
  • use treatments and equipment on a regular basis
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A typical Physical therapist makes approximately $74,300 per year. Physical therapists usually work 40 hours a week and each session usually lasts 1 hour per patient.