Physical Therapy

My Experience with Physical Therapy

Last year, during the summer of 2010, I was taking a dance class one afternoon. I had noticed that during a certain exercise, the back of my ankle, also known as your Achilles tendon, started to hurt. I decided to see if it would go away after a few classes, wondering if I hadn't been stretching properly. Waiting  to see if the pain would go away made my injury feel worse and worse. I had notified my mom, and she booked an appointment with the physical therapist. When I went to the private practice, the physical therapist took an ultrasound of my Achilles tendon. Later in the appointment after she had taken me to the equipment room to see what skills I could do without my ankle hurting, she had diagnosed me with Achilles Tendinitis. This was my experience going to a physical therapist. This injury had affected my dancing, and it took a couple of months to wear off, but now I learned from my mistake on what I was doing incorrect, and will never do that again. Achilles Tendinitis is a very painful injury because if you bend your leg too much, it could affect the pain, and would take longer to recover., and that was the injury that had pursued me to want to become a physical therapist as my occupation when I get older.